Polarity Therapy Training


“Bodywork, Energy and Healing in a dynamic therapy for everyone.”


Polarity is one of the most integrative of the complementary therapies. Ranging from deep tissue work to off body healing, energetic tissue movement to the quietest still point, polarity yoga exercise, nutrition and issue resolution. Polarity not only offers a complete package in Therapy (Therapy, Diet, Exercise and Self help) but also integrates well with other therapies to give you more choices for you and better solutions for your clients.


If you are a qualified therapist, wishing to expand your bodywork and palpation skills, explore healing, develop and continue your own self-development, then Polarity may give you a totally different dimension to your work.


Courses in Polarity Therapy are held in London, Surrey and Looe (Cornwall). The teachers are very experienced therapists who all run clinics in Polarity Therapy.











The Polarity Courses


There are 3 stages to a full professional quaification in Polarity Training


Introductory Day - 8 hours

Polarity Healing - 211 hours

RPP Training - 211 hours*




Introductory Day.

All the basics of Polarity Therapy are included in this day.  The General session introduces you to basic Polarity holds, Levels of Touch, Tuning in to Tissue movement and Working with the Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth).  This workshop allows students to see the skills demonstrated and then try them out, both as client and therapist.


A certificate of attendance for CPD purposes is given out at the end of the day.


This course is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about Polarity Therapy.  The skills gained on this day will work well for the benefit of family & friends, or to add a new dimension to treatments.



Polarity Healing

This 211 hour course covers all the main areas of Polarity Therapy.  The course is designed for existing therapists who wish to add a further dimension to their work.  It can also be used as a stepping stone to a full (stand alone), qualification in Polarity Therapy (see details below).

There are 6 days in class, learning the theory and practising the techniques.   The subject areas are the Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth).  We cover off-body healing,  energy points, above & below and introduction to cranial sacral techniques used in Polarity.

The balance of the time required is through practice at home, case studies and study of Polarity texts.


On completion of the course, students will receive a diploma in Polarity Healing.  This diploma will entitle them to apply to the IPEA (International Polarity Education Alliance) for their diploma and the use of the letter EPP (Energy Principles Practitioner).  


This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to continue their studies in Polarity Therapy (after the Introductory day).   The skills gained in this module will allow a practising therapist to develop their treatments, deepen their palpation skills and add an extra dimension to their work.



RPP Training

With the skills gained in the Introductory day and the Polarity Healing, this course is designed to deepen the existing skills and add on analytical skills and advanced Polarity Techniques.  This course is a further 211 hours of study, taking the student to full practitioner status.


There are 6 days in class in this module covering Countryside techniques, Structural Analysis, Crania Sacral work, Polarity Nutrition and Yoga for health building, First Aid, Counselling skills and advanced Case History taking.


Anatomy & Physiology – Students must hold a qualification in A&P via ITEC or VTCT.   The course is assessed on class work, assignments and case histories.    On completion of the course, students will receive a diploma in Polarity Therapy, RPP.  This diploma will entitle them to apply to the IPEA (International Polarity Education Alliance) for their diploma and the use of the letters PTP (Polarity Therapy Practitioner).  This is the full stand alone qualification.




The Tutors


                                           Jo Scrimshaw is a Natural Health Therapist and Teacher, qualified in Ayurveda, Yoga, Polarity, Sports Massage,

                                           Holistic Massage and Reflexology.





                                             Dr. Anthony Deavin is a qualified Herbalist, Polarity Therapist, Journey Practitioner and Theta Healing Practitioner.







                                                   Marcos Villiotti is a Polarity Therapist, Reflexologist and Massage Therapist.




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The Surrey courses - Brighter Spaces in Guildford - new dates coming soon



The London courses are run from the Helios Centre in Kings Cross

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