Mindfulness / Meditation  Classes

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Calm the mind, Ease the Spirit and  Relax the Body.


Meditation - find your happy self :)


Book for Mindfulness

New Classes starting in Guildford from 10th January 2020.


Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation.  6 week course starts 10th Jan 2020 in Guildford.  Friday 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.


De-stress before your weekend so that you can enjoy it, rather than spending the weekend trying to de-stress.


Course 1 covers Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation.  Mindfulness and Sleep, Food, Compassion, Your Environment and Nature.


This course is suitable for those who are new to Mindfulness ad Meditation, or would like to establish all the base skills for an on-going Mindfulness / Meditation practice at home.


Cost  £ 180.00 for the 6 weeks.  Early bird bookings (before 1st January) = £ 150.00

Gift vouchers are available for purchase.

Man relaxed Yoga

Course 2  will continue on from Course 1 for those who wish to develp the practice further. This will start in late February 2020.


This will cover Relationships (work, home, family), Forgiveness, Acceptance, Reading & the development of practices from Course 1.