Corporate Yoga Classes


Corporate Yoga is a great way to keep your staff happy, focused and productive.  De-stress yoga focuses on easing out the physical body, soothing the mind and uplifting the spirit.   Meditation practice is encouraged between classes to allow employees to reduce their stress levels and set positive goals for each day.  Experience shows that sales can increase and productivity improves if staff are focused, relaxed and happy.  Attending to wellness also improves staff loyalty and satisfaction and reduces sickness leave*


SattvicBliss offers a mobile Yoga class solution, providing the mats, blankets, pillows, music and of course the tuition in de-stress Yoga.  Yoga participants just need to wear comfortable clothes.  The program is structured around 40 minutes of stretching and 20 minutes of relaxation.  Particular attention is given to back, neck and shoulders to release tension.  

The only thing you need to provide is a room big enough to set out the yoga mats (approx 6' x 3' for each person).  If that space isnt available then we can offer a chair yoga class, which works on the same principles but seated instead of floor work.  

One off classes are priced from £7.50 per person to £ 15 per person (per session) depending on the numbers agreed/ distance to travel.  For regular classes, flat fee's start at £ 50.


Types of class:  

Wake up session for early mornings.  

Re-fresh for mid-day and

Chill out for after work.  





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