Abhyanga.      Soothing hot oil massage for de-stress, de-toxify, strengthen and revitalise.  

                       1 hour treatment £ 65.00


Pinda Sveda.   Blissfull, nourishing, hot hoil treatment with herb filled poultices.  The body is stretched

                        through towels then the poultices are applied to the muscles and fascia, following Nadi lines

                        and focusing on marma points to relieve tension and stress.  £ 70.00


These treatments use warm herb infused sesame oil.                              Abhyanga available at Guildford & Bagshot Clinics                                                

                                                                                                                            Pinda Sveda in Woking only



You are unique.  Your health plan needs to be tailored to that unique design. In Ayurveda we look at the elements that make up the real you.


When you need a fresh approach and some support to get the body feeling fitter and stronger,  Ayurveda has some tried and tested solutions.  Using Talk, Massage, Sensible eating, Diet, Healing, Meditation and Yoga Therapy to get back to a better version of you :)


The session involves an analysis of your basic body constitution and the constitution that you have now as a result of your life experiences and habits.  There is a detailed consultation which involves checking the pulse and the state of your tongue.  Then we get to work on sorting out the best way forward at a pace that suits you.  

Treatment cost = £ 70 (allow 1.5 hours for the 1st treatment).  Follow ups £ 62 (1 hour)                    


                                                                                                                    Available at  Guildford, Bagshot  and Woking clinics

Ayurveda shutterstock_428368543

The art of oil pouring on the forehead in gentle patterns.

Amazing, relaxing and effective.


Treatment includes gentle head holds, head massage, then oil pouring over the forehead and 3rd eye.


1 hour treatment £ 50.                               Woking clinic only



Ayurveda - What is it ?


Ayurveda the Indian Medical System. Still used by Indian families throughout the world and in many parts of India as the only medical system. This ancient form of medicine is as effective today as it has ever been. A structured and analytical approach to diagnosing your body type (Vata Pitta Kapha) is key to the effectiveness of this system, using diet recommendations, lifestyle change and the use of herbs to improve overall health.


Ayurveda uses a simple but sensible approach to health issues, e.g. if a problem is causing burning pains, hot flushes or inflammation, then it needs to be cooled. In this case Ayurveda offers diet recommendations for cooling foods and herbs that can change the environment that is allowing the heat to continue. Symptoms are then relieved, giving the body a change to sort itself out. Simple in approach but very effective


Ayurveda says that you have a constituiton at birth (Vikriti) and a constitution that has developed over the course of your life so far (Prakriti).  Factors like stress, health issues, diet and circumstances often change your constitution far from the one you are born with.  Ayurveda seeks to restore balance and support good health.


An Ayurvedic consultation involves, filling in a detailed questionnaire about your body and health, then your pulse is analysed and your tongue checked for imbalances.  If you would like to be sent a full Ayurvedic questionnaire, please contact me on the bookings page and I will email one to you.

Polarity Yoga focuses on achieving relaxation and improving overall well-being.   The exercises (asanas) are gentle to improve flexibility.  Breathing (pranayama) and Meditation form a large part of each session.  This type of Yoga is intended for people who do not wish to do challenging physical exercise, wear lycra or or end up comparing their bodies to others.  All welcome at these relaxing classes.

Yoga comes from ancient Indian sciences (vedas) and is widely practised throughout the world. Yoga is regulated in the UK by several organisations including the Yoga Alliance.  Find out more at