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RPP, Raworth Dip. ITEC Dip. MCThA. BCMA Reg. APA (Assoc), PTP


Professional Bodies

All of the above treatments are recognised and registered with either the British Complementary Medicine Association, the British Complementary Therapies Council, Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, UK Polarity Therapy Association or the Complementary Therapies Association.


General Note

If you are new to Complementary Therapies, then some of the techniques used may be very different to your experience of treatments (more gentle, quiet or peaceful), be assured that these therapies have been tried, tested and considered very effective in the treatment of a very wide range of health issues e.g. Many of the international teams visiting London for the Olympics will have Massage Therapists with them, Reflexology is used in Cancer treatments and Hospices and Ayurveda is widely used across large areas of India as the only medical system.



Jo is a highly experienced therapist, qualified and insured to use Massage, Polarity, Reflexology, Ayurveda and Yoga.


Jo has trained at the Raworth International College, Clare Maxwell Hudson’s College, Healing by Touch, The Wilbury School, Inspire and the Ayurveda Pura Academy, achieving excellent, well recognised qualifications in Natural Health Therapies.


Jo has worked with Professional Athletes, Tri-athletes, Marathon runners, Rugby and Football players, Boxers, International Shooters and Martial Arts specialists to improve their performances and speed up recovery from injury.


Jo is also a qualified teacher running courses in Mindfulness & Meditation , Anatomy & Physiology, Massage, First Aid and Polarity Therapy for a variety of prestige colleges in the UK.


Jo runs clinics in Woking, Guildford, Surrey and Looe in Cornwall.  Some mobile appointments are available.

Therapy References and Testimonials


"Massage helped the team to play better and recover from injuries much quicker." - Chariman KRFC.


"I didn't believe in Complementary Therapies till I experienced Reflexology - my stress levels are much lower!" - Alan (Weybridge, Surrey)


"My Tinnitus has improved dramatically since I started having Polarity Therapy. I used to have the noise in my head all day and night, now its about 20% of the time - I can sleep !" - Ron (Claygate)


"The pain of my Gout used to be agony - Polarity helped reduce the pain and swelling - and she didn't even touch me!" - Jan (Birmingham).


"Jo knows how to give a good deep massage - my body feels much freer now." - Sally (Epsom)


"My Back has never been so pain free. The treatment was gentle and worked really quickly. I can't believe the change after 15 years of suffering." - David (Surrey)


"I love the hot oil treatment - very relaxing." - Heather (Woking)


"Polarity gave me real pain relief before my hip operation!" - Roger (Woking)


"I slept so well after that treatment - I feel great" - Trisha (Cornwall)


Information about the the Therapist, & Testimonials

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CNHC Registered for Massage,

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Tel:  01483 550911 or 07734 815485


Hi !.  Im Jo, a happily married mother of 2 grown up sons and 3 beautiful grandsons, together with an extended family and 2 lovely dogs.  I started professional life in book-keeping before training as a complementary therapist. I am passionate about natural health and the quest for inner peace and happiness.  Im at my happiest when I am working with clients, teaching, or walking my favourite cliffs by the sea in Looe.  

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CThA registered for all Therapies listed on this web-site..

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UK Polarity Therapy Association member

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